Student Art Show

Lee Kaplan-Unsoeld, Staff Writer

The Student Art Show on Oct. 5, organized by Shalaya Sanders and other PROS Campus Life members, was the first show of its kind at Saint Martin’s University, and was great fun for the small group of students who attended.

There were a wide variety of displays set up, ranging from origami pieces and paintings to human installations and sculptures made from everyday objects. Whatever your taste in art, there was almost certainly something to please you present at the show.

Briana Quintanilla made a couple origami pieces, including a crane of immense stature, and also created a tower of pizza boxes that she said represented the chaos that our modern day society produces. Crystal Cardona made a couple of origami pieces, including a wearable crown folded from yellow paper. Cardona also teamed up with Malulaui Antonio to make a castle-like structure out of paper cups.

Antonio teamed up with Josiah Dailey on a piece entitled “Skizzors”, which consisted of intermeshing pairs of decorative scissors arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. Megan Yotsuda also made some origami pieces, including a lotus flower folded from a sheet of black paper. It is said by some cultures that the lotus flower, which grows from muddy waters, yet blooms with intense beauty, is a metaphor for life, and Yotsuda’s work clearly had more to it than met the eye.

Brittany Reed was the subject of a rather impromptu art installation. Reed was seated on the floor inside of a box that had been marked off with masking tape. Near the end of the show, Reed spontaneously ripped up the tape that had boxed her in. Although Reed never confirmed these ideas, some members of the audience felt this may have been symbolic of the breaking out of societal bonds.

Grace Caruso painted possibly the most labor-intensive pieces on display. The four paintings she had on display were very intriguing. In one painting, Caruso used different types of leaves as subjects in her painting, and the result gives the feeling of a truly natural experience; in another, she used half of an apple as a stamp, and layered different colors on top of each other. Her third piece was a triple canvas piece that displayed transitions between subjects, and the fourth was one, which Caruso created in partnership with her friend Laura Krupke, entitled “Friendship”.

All in all, for those who attended, the art show was a hit, and it was complemented with sparkling apple cider and doughnuts! Hopefully the Student Art Show sparks more interest from student artists and enthusiasts for future exhibits.

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